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~ Suitable for LCD screen

~ Clean the LCD screen professional without any scratch

~ Protect the LCD screen coat during cleaning

~ Absorb water and dust effectively

~ Sterilize effectively

~ Anti-static


~ Shake up the cleanser, spray the cleanser to the surface of cloth, then clean the LCD screen with the wet cloth, then will show you a new LCD screen.


~ Could clean the dust most effectively and completely, without any water track, no cauterization, cleanser can keep the LCD screen bright and cleen like new one, there will be a film on the surface of LCD screen after use this cleanser, to keep screen anti-static and dustproof.

~ The superfine fiber cloth was made with special high-technology, can clean the oleic dust out. As the fibers are so thin to increase the surface area, can absorb more water and stubborn dust. Use together with the special cleanser, can clean up stubborn dust better.


~ LCD screen cleaning: Can be used to clean the TFT Display screen, notebook screen, PDA screen, printer screen, and CD safely. There will be no scratch and track left and do not hurt the screen coat.

~ House electronic cleaning: Can be used to clean the liquid crystal TV.

~ Various kinds of CD cleaning: Can clean all kinds of CD, fold the cloth and clean the CD with the center of cloth, clean the CD from the center to the edge, without any scratch and dust left.



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