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Modulinks Socket

Product Specifications
~ Max. Surge current: Total 19,500 A

~ Max. Spike Voltage: 6kV

~ DC Clamping Voltage: 710 V

~ Response Time: <1 ns

~ *RFI/EMI Noise Filter: >40dB at 30 MHz

~ Total comperage of connected equipment must not exceed 13A.

~ LED on first Modulinks Socket lights up when all Modulinks Sockets are properly connected.

~ For safety, if the last Modulinks Socket is not connected, all Modulinks Sockets will not energise.

~ Do not use Modulinks Sockets near hot, wet or oily locations.

~ Do not plug extension cords into Modulinks Sockets.

~ Unplug product from power outlet when not in use.

~ Modulinks Sockets are for indoor use only.

~ do not place cable through doorways or at locations that might damage cable insulation.

~ Do not install product during a lightning storm.

~ In case of any emergency, immediately unplug product from power outlet.

~ Do not use product for other than its intended purposes.

~ Warranty does not cover damage due to breakage, voltage overload or other forms of misuse.

* Total amperage of devices connected to Modulinks Sockets cannot exceed 13 A. Consult product manuals to identify amperage of individual devices before connecting to Modulinks Sockets.



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