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Max 5 Duet SATA HDD Rack (ST0045)

P/N: ST0045

Thermaltake Max 5 Duet SATA HDD Rack solution is suitable for use in 3.5" driver bay and maximizes the numbers of 2.5" hard disks in a single 3.5" drive bay. Equip with screw less installation and hot-swap/hot-plug capabilities, allowing users to quickly retrieve the hard drives without even open their computer case, make switch hard drives easier than ever.


Dual bays to fit two 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD. Fits in a standard 3.5" drive bay for easy installation.

Fully supports hot swap and hots plug capabilities.

Tool-free access for easy drive installation.

Push-to-release design.

Individual LEDs provide power and access indication.

Hairline brush anodized aluminum finish.

Ventilation hole design for maximum finish and maximum head dissipation.



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