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Why We Named It Wishbone!
The first thing you will notice about Wishbone is its unique Y-shape design that is very different from other thermometers. After many design experiments and feedback from users, we felt it may be hard for users to operate a straight-pointing sensor and see the screen at the same time.

The core function of Wishbone is to detect temperature using an infrared sensor. Wishbone is noninvasive, reliable and versatile for many applications. It can accurately measure body temperature by measuring forehead skin and examine liquid temperature from surfaces in just a few seconds. Wishbone can also measure environment temperature by pointing it toward the sky or ceiling.

Body Temperature Mode!
As mentioned above, Wishbone can help parents quickly and accurately measure their babyís body temperature. It works best when the sensor end is pointing directly at the forehead and is less than 5cm away. It takes less than 2 seconds for Wishbone to acquire data and determine the body temperature. The readings can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Data Feature!
Temperature data can be even more useful when compared to past records. Thatís why we added the function to create profiles for individuals to separate and track each person's data. Using historical data, parents and couples can create charts to help them understand their situations and make better decisions. For example, couples can identify ovulation periods by looking for a small but clear spike in female body temperature. This feature integrates Wishbone's hardware with the app running on a smartphone and truly makes it a smart thermometer.

Object Temperature Mode!
Wishbone can detect the temperature of either solids or liquids. This is a very handy tool for parents to check milk's temperature or to see if bathtub water is too hot. For it to work, just enter the Object mode and point Wishbone at a target that is within 5cm of the sensor to gather and calculate temperature data. We are still developing this function as the Object mode requires a different set of sensor calibration to the Body mode.

Ambient Mode!
Another exciting Wishbone feature is the Ambient mode. In this mode, Wishbone can detect environment temperature by using its sensor to gather data from the surroundings. Parents can use this feature to find out ambient temperature and decide whether they need to add more clothes to their baby. For it to work, users would need to tap on the Ambient mode and press scan. There is no need to point the sensor in any particular direction, but we usually recommend pointing Wishbone's sensor upwards. Like the Object mode, the Ambient mode requires a different set of sensor settings and is still under development.



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