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~ USB Car Charger with 2 USB port
~ 2 in 1 DC to DC power adapter

With AVF 2 in 1 DC/DC Power Adapter, you can charge your smartphone without monopolizing your car’s 12V DC power
outlet. Plug the DC/DC Power Adapter into your car with 12V or 24V socket. Then connect the USB cable to your Smartphone and also your DC power devices.

~ 2 USB Power Port, 2100mA
~ DC 12V or 24V, 2A Accessory Socket

~ Input: DC 12-24V
~ Single Output : DC Max. 5.0V - 2100mA
~ SIngle Output : DC Max. 5.0V - 500mA
~ Dual output : DC Max. 5.0V - 1600mA + 500mA
~ Accessory socket output: DC 12V or 24V, same as the car cigratte lighter voltage



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