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Templarius Excelsus


~ Stylish White Templarius style with Red LED lighted logo and microphone connector for an awesome eye-catching visual design.

~ Exclusive SENSUS sound technology specifically engineered for Gamers with an stunning real 2.1 sensitive-sound experience.

~ Two sound-drivers in each side: high quality 40mm driver plus SENSUS driver for a unique sound experience.

~ Extreme comfort thanks to its lightweight headband suspension, fully adjustable and robust for long-use, wide user compatibility and extreme-use durability.

~ High-Quality Soft cushions for comfortable long gaming sessions and passive noise reduction for perfect focus in gameplay.

~ Innovative flexible & detachable noise cancelling microphone for improved team-gaming performance.

~ In-Line control box with precise volume, microphone and SENSUS technology control.

~ Gold-Plated USB connector for perfect digital connection.

~ Compatible with: Win98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Mac OS X / Linux without additonal driver.



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