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High-precision Laser Tracking Engine

2.5 times higher compete with the traditional optical engine, 1000dpi high precision optical tracing engine provides more precise control.

• 15 Hotkeys.
15 additional hotkeys design,to bring you a convenient work and play.

• Wireless Free.
Rapoo wireless mouse takes you to a wireless world, absolutely shake off the trouble of wire.

Technical specifications:
• Mouse specifications key: Left/Middle/Right
• Maximum Tracking Speed: 30inch/second
• Maximum Acceleration: 8G

• Optional Resolution: 1000 dpi

• Working Voltage: 1.5xAAx1

• Working Current: 18mA

• Size: 102x60x25mm

Keyboard specifications:
• Word Keys Switch: Membrane

• Word Key Route: 3.0mm

• Working Voltage: 1.5V AAAx1

• Working Current: 6mA

• Size: 464x145x23mm

• Hotkeys: 6 (Previous, Next, • Multimedia Player, Play / Pause, Mute, Volume +, Volume-, Search, Calculator, My Computer, Hibernate, My Homepage, e-mail, Favorites, Refresh)

Receiver specifications Input:
• Current: 5v DC 30mA

• Interface Type: USB1.1

• Size: 42x14.5x7mm

RF (RF) specifications:
• Working Channel: 16
• Auto-hopping frequency

• Carrying Frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz

• Receiving Range & Distance: 10m,360celcious



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